Do Online CNA Classes Change the Way Medical Training Works?

Medical training has a long, robust history. For generations, those who wanted high paying healthcare jobs would go to a college and get a degree.  Other jobs, like orderlies and nursing assistants, would also have in-person training…just less of it. With the advent of the internet, though, more classes are being taken online.

Do nursing aide classes online ultimately change the face of medicine? The answer is yes.  Online training courses have a profound impact on the medical field. Now it is no longer necessary to go into a classroom That means more people can take the classes who never had the option before.

For example, single mothers can now squeeze training sessions into their schedule.  Busy employees who are stuck in a dead end job can take their classes at home on their off-hours. This new dynamic in CNA training has had a profound impact on the field.  Now that more nursing aides are available, the job market is more demanding.

That means that the quality of those who gets employed in healthcare jobs are ultimately better. Now, this isn’t limited just to states like Georgia, New York and Michigan.  No, this affects many states, including Ohio (where they take STNA classes). And in most state, free classes are also available, which makes it even more accessible.

But the most profound impact is on the nurse assistants themselves.  People who were stuck in dead end jobs are now able to better their lives.  They are able to pursue a job they enjoy.  A job where they are helping people. It all comes down to our own meaning of life and health.  People need to feel like they can make a real difference in the world.  And in it’s own small way, online training courses provide a way to hit that goal.

In conclusion, there are many impacts of online courses.

This new face of education and nurse jobs has already had a great impact on our society.  It has had a great impact on healthcare and the medical field. It will continue to have a great impact on certified nursing assistants in years to come. The future is bright for medicine.  And online schools only help with that optimism.

Considerations Before Becoming a Nurse or Nursing Assistant

For most young people, becoming a nurse seems like a great option.  You help people all day, every day. You make a good living. You work around intelligent people.

But many people do not fully consider what it means to be a nurse.  Being a nurse or certified nursing assistant is quite difficult.  In some states, like Minnesota, being a CNA can be miserable.  The hours are long, the pay is low, and jobs are hard to find. You really need to know what a nursing aide is before you get started.

So before you dive into nursing, you should consider these five things first.

Nurses work long hours.

One think that most people don’t realize is that nurses work long hours.  Sometimes, they work for days at a time.  They will work through the night, in hospitals and medical facilities. Nurse assistants will be cleaning out bedpans for fourteen hour shifts. Yes, these tasks are important.  Yes, they must be done by someone. But they are not fun.

Not all patients are nice.

When we sit in our bedroom and think of nursing, we like to think of nice patients. People who are happy to have a loving caring nurse. But very few patients in a nursing home are like that.  They are in pain. They need medicine. They have trouble moving and going to the bathroom.  All of this sets them up for a bad mood.  And as a nurse, you need to deal with that.  If you aren’t the kind of person who can handle that, nursing might not be for you.

You are the bottom of the totem pole.

Nursing aides are at the very bottom of the healthcare ladder. Just above them are nurses, who interact with doctors.  Even doctors have their own hierarchy.  And as a nurse, you are very far from the top.  Some people don’t mind that feeling.  But if you would, you should consider that carefully.

You need to invest in good training.

Training for a nursing job is time consuming.  These days, though, its easier than ever.  There are online classes, internet schools and hybrid training programs.  All of these options make becoming a nurse and nursing aid easier than ever.  In fact, in some states, you might even find free online CNA classes.

Jobs can be hard to find.

Depending on your state, finding a nursing job can be difficult. Even with proper training and schooling, the competition for jobs is tough.  In Minnesota, you will need to look at several job boards like  In some states, like Arizon, CraigsList might be better.

Nursing jobs and healthcare careers are still a great way to go for many people.  Before you head down that path, though, consider all of the information here.

What Should I Know About Free CNA Classes Online?

Just a few years ago the big question was about online classes. Are they as good as traditional classes? Will people just take all of their classes online?

Well, a few years down the road we know the answer.  We know that nurses still get trained in offline schools.  We know that online training allows people to do a bulk of their training online.  But now there are free classes available. So what do we make of that?

Well, free CNA training is nothing new.  For decades, people have been able to get their nursing aid training for free. Usually its through their employer.  In some cases, you could even apply for grants.  (Note that grants only apply to special situations.)

These days, you can actually find free training courses online. It’s hard to believe but you can go through training for free.  It’s not the best way to go.  But it’s possible.

In most cases, you can’t get a job with free training.  To get a job, you need to go to an accredited school.  This is where free training fails. You need to have practical, clinical hours. But free classes will give you a leg up when you do pursue a full certification.

So if you decide to pursue free classes, you need to know your options. Do some research, and understand the difference.

Free Classes Online

Online classes are typically not free.  Any sort of internet training that is free is not accredited.  That means that if you complete the program, you won’t be qualified to work as a nurse.  Yes, you might know a lot about nurse aid training, but it’s not enough to get a job.  And that’s the whole point!  A job in the healthcare industry!  To be a medical professional!

Free Traditional Classes

Traditional training, like STNA classes in Ohio, are only available in certain situations.  It’s available to people are who qualify for certain grants. It’s also available to people who landed a CNA job without a certification.  If that ever happens, the employer is obligated to pay the fees.

In some states you will find that free courses are available more frequently than in others.  CNA courses in Illinois are readily available for free to minorities.  In Connecticut, you can attend classes for free if you are under the bread line.  In Minnesota, there are free nursing classes year round for single mothers.

If you are interested in free classes, you need to look around.  As mentioned earlier, this all depends on your state.  It will even vary from city to city.

Just know that from New York to Detroit, there’s a lot of places that will provide information about training freebies.  One of my favorite resources for this information is

In summation, it is possible to get free training as a nursing assistant.  You can get certified without paying a single penny. But what you need to realize is that this is uncommon.  It is far quicker to pay for your training, and get a job. And it’s better for the medical field, too!

After all, you need to realize that you get what you pay for.  And if no one is paying for training, it’s not good.  The quality of healthcare will decline. It will lead to a break down of the medical industry.  And, as you know, this will cause society to decline.